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Vanessa Pacheco will work for ALL of RISD.
"It's time for a new approach that doesn't treat kids like data points, but instead as our investment into our community's future. I'm asking for your vote to bring a positive change and move our school district forward."
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Teach Kids Today to Prepare Them for Tomorrow

As a professional in the education field, Vanessa understands the gaps that students can fall into. She will support focusing our schools on getting students up to grade level, preparing them to be ready for the next grade and to reach their full potential. She'll advocate for our district to offer more advancement opportunities to every student that makes them college or career ready after graduation.

Solidify our Schools & Safety

Currently, RISD is suffering from the loss of great teachers and support staff. Vanessa will make it an immediate priority to support our staff by ensuring there is stable leadership, a positive work environment, staff retention measures, and good school safety policies.

Increase Communication & Involvement

Vanessa will consistently have an open door because everyone deserves to have their voice heard in the conversation. She will support more opportunities for parents to be involved and build more community partnerships that benefit our schools and student performance.

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